Welcome to Pastor Andy’s “Apocalypse” website!

This website was created in order to help people study the book of Revelation, and to provide materials and lectures for people who are in a Bible study with me and are not able to attend a session.

Who am I?
IMG_0125My name is Andy and I’m the pastor of Pilgrim United Methodist Church in St. John’s Michigan. You can find our website here.  I have been a pastor since 2005, and for many of those years I have had my own website which I have mostly used to post my sermons online.  You can find that website, The Pulpiteer by clicking here.
I am a husband to Anne and a father of four wonderful children and I absolutely love my family.

My undergraduate education was at Michigan State University with a major in Elementary Education. After teaching for three years, I began my seminary education. My Masters of Divinity is from Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore, Kentucky, which was an amazing place to grow in my faith and learn about scripture.

Why Revelation?
It is an amazing book. Revelation has so many connections to the Old Testament that when you study Revelation in depth you have to study the rest of scripture. Revelation is also a challenging book in that the imagery used in the book is very foreign to us today. That challenge is fun and rewarding to wrestle with, and it ends up yielding a surprisingly relevant message for us today. I have found Revelation to be full of both challenge and comfort. Finally, it has been a book that has been confusing to church folks so as a teacher it has been rewarding to shed some light on this powerful piece of scripture.